Where do we come from

Energy System was founded more than twenty years ago by Roberto Tucci.

During these years, the growth has been constant and selective, thanks above all to the priority choice that has characterized the company from the very beginning: never give up on considering customer satisfaction as the indicator of ou own success.

This distinctive character has allowed Energy System to build long-term relationships with its customers, which over time have proved to be the secure basis on which to build and consolidate its future.

The range of services has been constantly expanded, bringing the values ​​and working methods that have distinguished us along a virtuous path into new offering sectors:

  • the passion for what we do

  • the seriousness with which we strive every day to make it happen

  • long-term responsibility towards our customers

Where do we want to go

Energy System wants to be recognized as a leader in targeted, flexible, smart and customized facility management solutions, as well as in the construction of technological systems, always establishing a lasting and distinctive partnership relationship with our Customers, with the primary objective of maximizing their satisfaction.

How we want to get there

We offer advanced solutions in the design, installation, management and maintenance of heating, air conditioning, electrical, hydro-sanitary and fire-fighting systems:

  • for industrial, commercial, tertiary and residential areas
  • with a correct balance between innovative technology and stability of the result
  • relying on the experience and high qualification of our engeneers, site managers and operational technicians
  • that inspiring their work with constant passion and commitment
  • allow us to tackle complex projects with the absolute guarantee of the result
  • maintaining a correct price-quality ratio
  • always favoring the long-term relationship with our customers



SECTOR A) plants for the production, transformation, transport, distribution, use of electricity, protection systems against atmospheric discharges, as well as systems for the automation of doors, gates and barriers

SECTOR B) radio and television systems, antennas and electronic systems in general

SECTOR C) heating, air conditioning, air conditioning and refrigeration systems of any nature or species, including the works for the evacuation of the products of combustion and condensate, and for the ventilation and aeration of the premises

SECTOR D) Water and sanitary systems of any nature or species

SECTOR E) systems for the distribution and use of gas of any type, including the works of evacuation of the products of combustion and ventilation and aeration of the premises

SECTOR G) Fire protection systems


SOA CERTIFICATION qualification for the execution of public works

Issued by      ESNA-SOA Società Organismo Di Attestazione S.p.a.

Via Cav. Brunetto, 31 – Fraz. Ceretta - 10070 S. Maurizio C.se (TO)  Tel. 011-9279518

Certificate no.               22482/16/00

Categories and classification
Category OG11 classification II
Category OS28 classification III BIS
Category OS30 classification II



CERTIFICATIONS ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 14001:2015 - ISO 45001:2018 - ISO 50001:2011

Issued by                            Dasa Raegister S.p.a. - Via Sabotino, 37 - 21047 Saronno  (Varese) -  Tel. +39 06 91622002
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate n.             IQ-0209-07 deadline 17-06-2023
ISO 14001:2015 certificate n.           IE-0413-01 expiration 23-04-2022
ISO 45001:2018 certificate n.           IS-0611-01 expiration 28-04-2023

Issued by TÜV Rheinland Italia S.r.l., Via E. Mattei, 3 - I - 20010 Pogliano M.se (MI) Tel. 02 241301
ISO 50001:2011 certificate  n.          01 407 2017500 expiring 23-01-2023


UNI CEI 11352:2014 CERTIFICATION for offering energy services including the financing of the energy efficiency intervention (ESCo)

Issued by TÜV Rheinland Italia S.r.l., Via E. Mattei, 3 - I - 20010 Pogliano M.se (MI) Tel. 02 24130.1

UNI CEI 11352: 2014 Certificate n. 39 15 1191705 expiring 15-12-2020

F-GAS A1247 CERTIFICATION Reg. (CE) 303/2008

Issued by APAVE Certification Italia Srl - V.le B Bardanzellu, 94 - 00155 ROME

F-GAS Certificate expiring 02/26/2024 (Ministry of the Environment Registration IR054514)